Department Administrative Law
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The Administrative Law Department is one of the eight (8) departments in the Faculty of Law.

The Administrative Law Department is led by

Head of Department  : Prof.Dr.Marthen Arie, S.H, M.H

Secretary of Department  : Ariani Arifin, S.H, MH

The Administrative Law Department consists of several lecturers of the Faculty of Law who take care of the course and have expertise in the field of Administrative Law.

Lecturers of Administrative Law Department, are :

  1. Prof.DjafarSaidi, S.H, MH
  2. Prof.Dr.SyamsulBachri, S.H, MH
  3. Prof.Dr. Guntur Hamzah, S.H, MH
  4. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak, S.H, M.H
  5. Ruslan Hambali, S.H, M.H
  6. Dr.RomiLibrayanto, S.H, M.H


Administrative Law Department courses consist of :

  1. Administrative Law
  2. Environmental Law
  3. Tax Law
  4. Labor Law
  5. Personnel Law
  6. Fisheries Law
  7. Forestry Law
  8. Spatial Law
  9. Investment Law and Capital Market
  10. Mining Law