Department Of Law Society And Development
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Department of Law Society and Development

There are three (3) approaches in legal study, namely philosophical approach, normative approach, and empirical approach. One of the departments discussing empirical approach is Department of Law Society and Development which focuses the object of study on the following matters:

  1. Studying the law as government social control. The law is a set of specific rules that is applicable and necessary to enforce an order in life. Therefore, through the subjects taught in the Department of HMP, it always reviews the law in relation to social control and external sanctions, namely sanctions imposed by the government through the instrument of the State;
  2. The Departement of HMP examines the subject of socialization that is a process to seek the form of citizens as social creatures who are aware of the existence of the various social rules that exist in the society, including the rule of law, moral principles, religious norms and other social norms.
  3. One of the subjects taught in the Department of HMP is Introduction of Sociology of Law. The main object of this course discusses the Stratification of Law which can be found in a social system. In this case, it will be discussed how the impact of social stratification on the law and the implementation of law. Although normatively, the law is always regarded as "indiscriminately" but in reality in the community, there are differences in social stratification;
  4. Other important issues taught in the Department of HMP are changes of law and community as well as the mutual relationship between them. in

The subjects of law Society Community and Development are:

1. Introduction of Sociology of Law;

2. Psychology of Law;

3. Law and Development;

4. Anthropology of Law;

5. Social Structure and Law;

6. Law and Politics; and

7. Law and Economics.

The Head of Department          : Dr. Wiwie Heryani, SH.,M.H.

The Secretary of Department    : Dr, Ratnawati, SH.,MH.

The Academic Staffs:

  1. Prof. Dr. Musakkir, SH.,MH.
  2. Prof. Dr. A. Pangerang Moenta, SH., MH., DFM.
  3. Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah, SH.,MH., DFM.
  4. Prof. Dr. Arfin Hamid, SH.,MH.
  5. Dr. Hasbir Paserangi, SH., MH.
  6. Dr. A. Tenri Famauri, SH.,MH.
  7. Rastiawaty, SH., MH.
  8. Ismail Alrif, SH., Mkn.