Law Laboratory
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Law Laboratory

Law Laboratory is a facility for students, academic staff, society and stakeholders to conduct the education and or train, research, practice and legal proficiency  which is connected with litigation and non litigation. dan non litigasi.


Making Law Laboratory of Law Faculty of Hasanuddin University as an institution to study, analyze or explore legal problem so that it can answer the problems that arise both theoretically and practically in making the Faculty of Law alumni as the generation of law with quality and integrity.


The Mission of Law Laboratory of Law Faculty of Hasanuddin University (FH-UNHAS) is as follows:

  1. To Conduct the lecturer and supervised the students in educating and training the updating law
  2. To increase the students profiency in matering Law specially in practice
  3. To create the human resources who mastering the skill, proficiency and legal sensibilities
  4. To Fulfill the need of stakeholder according to the legal development recent issues
  5. To Conduct the cooperation in national and international level in researcher field, services, workshop, training and seminar about the law with some intitution like Goverment, CSO, Private Sector and Others
  6. To Conduct the education/service society, goverment institution, Local Legislative, Private Sector like legal drafting
  7. To service the society for legal problem solving


Law Laboratory of Hasanuddin University, consist of :

  1. Consultation And Legal AID Unit
  2. Legal Clinic
  3. Specialized Education For Advocate Profession
  4. Moot Court
  5. Computer Laboratory

Activities  :

  1. Educating and Training
  2. Seminar
  3. Workshop
  4. Dissemination
  5. Research
  6. Social Community Service
  7. Raining Based on Cooperation with Stakeholder