Structure Curriculum
  • English Language
  • Indonesian Language
  • Makassar,Indonesia


The curriculum of LSP is logically structured, sequenced, and integrated to meet with the achievement of ELOs effectively as well as to accommodate various student learning moods such that they could accomplish their study on time. For this reason, the number of prerequisite courses is placed as a minimum as possible such that students have a greater flexibility in taking the relevant courses. In accordance of the university policy on curriculum development, the curriculum of LSP is regularly updated at every 5 (five) years for major revision involving both internal and external stakeholders and at least once a year for minor revisions involving limiter to internal stakeholders. The major changing in the current curriculum is the existence of concentration. There are 7 concentrations managed under each Department such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Administrative Law, Procedural Law, and Law, Society, and Development Departments, whereas 3 concentrations that are Environmental Law, Maritime law, and Business Economy managed by some concentrations.