Purpose Of The Master Of Law Program
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Purpose of the Master of Law Program

The Purpose of the Master of Law Program are as follows:

General purpose:

  1. Having the ability to think critically and academically and able to conduct research that support the development of theory.
  2. Having the ability to improve professional services through research and development of law study.
  3. Having the ability to develop the profession in a broader spectrum in science and between professions.
  4. Having the ability to identify problems in society, and with scientific reasoning can propose alternative solutions to problems.

 Special purpose:

  1. To produce graduates who have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of constitutional law, civil law, criminal law or agrarian law, viewed from various aspects, legal, social, political, philosophical, environmental, developmental, and others.
  2. To produce graduates who are capable of identifying civil, constitutional, criminal, or customary legal issues in line with these developments, proposing scientific concepts, either an alternative to problem solving or concerning the development of constitutional, civic, criminal, or agrarian law.