Goals Of Master Law Program
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Goals of Master Law Program

Goals of Master Law Program has been set into several stages as follows.

Short term (1 year):

  1. The lecture is conducted by Student Center Learning (SCL) model where the students are more active. So, the students' soft skill will be formed through the process of discussion, presentation, and completion of tasks with broader learning resources obtained through textbook or internet that can be accessed via WIFI or LAN (Line Access Network)
  2. Developing a competency-based curriculum.
  3. The holding of face-to-face lecturing is conducted for 3 (three) semesters. Semester I and II, is taught a theoretical course, namely the legal study, which consists of compulsory subjects and elective courses.
  4. The subject of this Master of Law program is taken care of by a lecturer with a minimum of Doctorate (S3).
  5. Improving the standardization of graduation requirements in admission of new students;
  6. Increasing cooperation with relevant stakeholders.

Mid-term Stage (2 years):

  1. Improving strongly internal management of Master Law Program in supporting the learning process.
  2. Developing an effective and sustainable monitoring and evaluation system.
  3. Increasing cooperation with relevant stakeholders.


Long-term Stage (4 years):

  1. Improving the quality of human resources of academic staffs and the Administration through various training activities and human resource development at international level.
  2. Involving students in various student activities in the field of reasoning, both national and international level.
  3. Conducting cooperation with related institutions, especially those engaged in research and development to encourage accelerated completion of the final task in particular and improvement of completion of the overall study in general.

Establishing good relationships with partners of Law Faculty and seeking assistance in the form of grant funds for scholarships and grant funds for completion of student final assignment.