The Vision And Mission
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Vision of Doctoral Program is:

"As One Of The Best Three Doctoral Studies Program in Indonesia Based on Maritime Values In 2019."


To support the Vision, Doctoral Law Program sets out a mission:

  1. Developing the best Three Doctoral Law Program in Indonesia that has a competitive advantage in developing law study as a genuine science that has a holistic perspective, and has specific competence to conduct research in law field independently.
  2. Developing Doctoral Law Program which has capability and excellence in the implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in order to produce professionalism and intellectual science which is recognized nationally and internationally.
  3. Developing Doctoral Law Program as a proud pride of Hasanuddin University with an output that has the ability of research and scientific thinking with nautical culture to be able to provide the best solution on every issue of National Law development.