Basketball Unit
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Basketball Unit

Basketball is a spot that is enthused by many students in South Sulawesi. This enthusiasm will then provide a positive impact if basketball as a sport is developed by providing a media to hone their skills and talent that will produce potential generations for the basketball world that upholds the value of sportsmanship.

Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin is an insitution that upholds the value of knowledge development especially in legal studies to be applied in daily basis. However, other institutions are also predicted to be a media to channel the talents of students to further obtain plenty of achievments in the future. Based on these conditions then the Basketball unit of Law Faculty Universitas Hasanuddin is formed.


Basketball Unit of Law Faculty Universitas Hasanuddin or usually abbreviated as UKM Bola Basket FH-UH was formed in 2002. One of the founder as well as the first leader of the unit, Kharisma Dewan, was a student from the 2000 batch. The background of this unit’s formation is the huge amount of students that are interested in basketball in the faculty but the absence of an official body to accomodate and organize such interest. Therefore, students interested in basketball have agreed to create a media that could accomodate students activities that are related with basketball. The forming of this unit is also based on the support from the Professors in the faculty, Prof. Dr. Achmad Ali, S.H., M.H. and Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah, S.H., M.H.

Vision :

 To become a modern, professional, and independent sports unit that always develops and increases the achievements in the sports field of students in Faculty of Law Unviersitas Hasanuddin with prioritizing ethics, morality, and law- obedience, as well as the sportivity through human resources development and building that is planned and interconnected.

Mission :


  1. Giving support to student athletes to achieve to peak of their achievment and to implement sport’s value to become the source of inspiration to all students and the people of Indonesia.
  2. Creating cooperation and optimization of internal and external relationship with relevant organzation to support the existence of Student’s Unit Activity in Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin.
  3. To prepare short-term and long-term working program.
  4. To create a harmonious situation and friendly envrionemnt to support the creation of synergy, solidarity, and sportivity when participating with Basketball unit.


The goal for this unit’s foundation is to accomodate student’s activity in basketball fields, for the sake of channelling student’s talent properly and so that students from Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin does not conduct anything negative that could ruin the reputation of the institution.