Department Of Basic Law
  • English Language
  • Indonesian Language
  • Makassar,Indonesia

Department of Basic Law

The Department of Basic Law is chaired by Dr. Zulkifli Aspan, S.H., M.H. and Secretary Muhammad

Basri, H., M.H. Main Tasks and Functions are to:

  1. Organize its cademic staffs;
  2. Set its cademic staffs for each course;
  3. Evaluate, refine, and develop teaching materials.

The course of Basic Law Department:

  1. Introduction to Legal Science (studies)
  2. General Theory of State
  3. Introduction to Indonesian Law 
  4. Philosophy of Law and Professional Ethics
  5. Research and Legal Writing Methodology;
  6. Law and Human Rights;
  7. Discovery and Logic of Law;
  8. Economic Law.