Karate Do Gojukai
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Karate Do Gojukai

Karate Do Gojukai Unit, Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanudin (UKM KGI FH UH)is one of the Student’s Activity Unit on Faculty level in Universitas Hasanuddin based on the Decree of Dean of Law Faculty Universitas Hasanuddin. This unit was founded in 1994. This Unit is a body that focuses on developing skills and interest of students in martial arts. This unit intends to educate and provide martial art training to students by implementing spiritual values, justice, expediency, and collectiveness.


As a media to create members with plenty of achievments and noble. 



  1. Creating karate athletes with achievements at the dojo level, regional level, national level, or international level;
  2. Form the character of karate athletes that are discipline, responsible, brave, sportive, loyal, well mannered, and humble.