Reasoning And Scientific Writing Institution
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Reasoning and Scientific Writing Institution

The Reasoning and Scientific Writing Student Activity Unit Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin or abbreviated as UKM LP2KI FH-UH is an institution that becomes a media for students that possess talents, creativity, and interest in researching and scientific writings. UKM LP2KI FH-UH was founded on 7 August 2007.

The endless struggle finally brings LP2KI as one of the Student Activity Unit that achieved plenty of achievements and made a name for Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin. However, the very existence of this unit still leaves a lot of debate between students and lecturer. However, the strong intention and will has allowed this unit to handle all obstacles that challenges the existence of this unit. Since the founding of this unit, Faculty of Law was able to obtain achievments in multiple Scientific Writings Competitions at the University Level, Regional Level, or even National Level.

Exactly on 16 April 2010, this unit was acknowledged as one of the Student Activity Units that acts directly under the responsiblities and authority of Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin and is also entrusted to manage “Co-Curriculer Course: Scientific Writing”. It is an honor to be entrusted with such responsibilities. At such a young age, this unit has become one of the most popular unit on University level, regional level, and national level. “If you’re certain, then let your hardwork and prayers leads you to the dreams you’ve always wanted.” Glory for LP2KI FH-UH.


LP2KI FH-UH as a media to realize scientific literature that are reliable, scientific, and has awareness for the nation, creative, innovative, plenty of achievments, and faithful to the Almighty God.


  1. Developing activities of reasoning and writings that are scientific;
  2. Creating and Developing research activities;
  3. Producing students that has plenty of achievements, creative, innovative, and has critical thingking abilities that is based on familial basis.;
  4. To increase the interest, spirit, and ability as a produful member of LP2KI FH-UH;