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Soccer is the most enthused sport by  various layers of society, including those who are in college. Students basically have millions of burden academically and requires a media to actualize their potential as an attempt to create a balance between their academic achievment and non-academic achievment. To accomodate the interest of students, on 18 November 1993 was then found an organization that could become the media to actualize the talent and interest of the student in soccer called Soccer Student Activity Unit Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin which then abbreviated as UKM Sepakbola FH-UH.

This unit is an organization that acts directly within the institution of Student’s Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin. Similarly with other units in Faculty of Law, this unit is also under the direct authority of Student’s Executive Body Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin.


To implement ths spirit of sportivity and to build a competitive atmosphere within student’s environment.


  1. As a media to accomodate, develop, and execute interest and talent of the student especially in the context of soccer.
  2. As a media to hone, guide, and increase the capacity and mental capacity of the student, especially in the context of soccer.
  3. As the centre of implementing spirtis and sprotivity value to the students in the development of soccer world.