Law Student’s Press Body
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Law Student’s Press Body

Law Student’s Press Body Universitas Hasanuddin (LPMH UH) is one of the Student’s Acivity Unit in Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin which focuses on journalism. Founded on 1995, LPMH-UH was initiated by a group of activitst students, specifically press activists at the beginning of 1994. The formation of LPMH- UH is a part of student’s action that wishes to show their existence after forcefully silenced by New Order’s authoritarian regime at the year of 1996. Student’s activist movement, especially press activists movement, believes that students movement needs requires information media that is investiagtive in nature, as shown by the founding father of this nation in which after the Independence, such as Indonesia Moeda published in Netherland in 1924 that was intiated by Hatta and Syahrir. And then the Indonesia Merdeka media in 1930s, Suara Mahasiswa Universitas IndonesiaI media,  and other medias that played a role in replacing daily newspapers that was silenced after the independence.

History of student’s media existence that inspires student’s activist movement in 1994 to form a Student Press Body that reach agreement with Law Student’s Publishing and Press Body Unhas (LPPMH) that now turns into Law Student’s Press Body Universitas Hasanuddin (LPMH UH). This unit is not originally a part of Student Activity Unit but an autonomous student’s body outside the campus. However as time goes on, and as the requirement for new members of the press body has increased since the beginning of 2000, LPMH-UH then turns into Student Activity Unit body in Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin. The activities that was shown and the intellectual aspect of the body has earned this unit the trust of the faculty to manage Journalism Co-curriculer Course for freshman’s year students.

Founded approximately twenty years ago- 8 December 1995 - LPMH-UH has constantly played its part as an organization that focuses on journalism skills, in this context, to build writing skills through jounalism related activities that is also done to enchance the competence of its members, but also to conduct a surveillance towards the most recent economic issues of the society in consistent application of the guides of the constitution, both internally and externally.

Vision :

  1. Having members that are faithful to the Almighty God;
  2. Having members as reformer of the nation in spirit, critical, analytical, and humanist.;
  3. Having members that are intellectual and have a high integrity;
  4. Having students that uphold the Tri Dharma principle of Univeristy.


  1. Providing news based on truth and justice, prioritizing neutrality, along with independence and journalism ethics;
  2. Optimizing journalism acitivities in the event of making a public opinion.