Pelacakan Studi

Pelacakan Studi

Tracer study is conducted by the LSP to collect, process, and create information and data in order to take further treatment of establishment of the LSP. The tracer study is based on the Dean Decree No. 2667/UN5.6/KP.19/2015 concerning Task Force Team of LSP’s Tracer Study. It is done every 2 years before Curriculum Workshop of the LSP to find out some inputs from the stakeholders. The inputs are consisting of:

  1. Integrity;
  2. Professionalism;
  3. English;
  4. Capacity of Information Technology Users;
  5. Communication;
  6. Team Working; and
  7. Self-development.

The method of the tracer study is conducted through survey, e-mail, short message, telephone, and social network. The sample of the questioner can be seen below:


Name                           :    ………………….                                

Level of education      : …………………….

Occupation                  :……………………….

  1. Do you have a friend / family who alumni of LSP?
  2. Do you have a friend / family who study in LSP?
  3. Where do you get the information related to the LSP?
  4. Do you know where the LPS locate?
  5. Do you know the recruitment process of the LSP entrance?
    • SNMPTN
    • SBMPTN
    • Local Admission (JNS and PSOK)
  6. A-D correct
  7. Do you know how to register in LSP? If Yes.. where do you find out the information?
  8. Do you know how many department in Faculty of Law?
  9. Do you know why you, your friend, and/or your  family interested in the LSP? If yes, what kind of profession you are interesting in??
  10. Do you have prior information related to the LSP before registering the LSP??

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