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List of the student competitions during the last 3 (three) years

No Event Year Scale
1National Law Debate Competition Ubaya Law Fair2017National
2KarateDO Indonesian Institute National Championship2017National
3Kejuaraan Nasional Karate PialaMendagri XIX2017National
4Business Week 2017, Airlangga University2017National
5NUDC Regional Level2017National
6National MPR Constitutional Debate 2017National
7National MPR Constitutional Debate 2017National
8Alcom Legal Opinion, Andalas University2017National
9Karate National Sports Week2017National
10Pixy Young Inspiration Award 20162016National
11Indonesian Inter-University Student’s Debate Competition 2016 East Region2016National
12National Law Debate, Airlangga Law Competition 20162016National
13Moot Court Competition Indonesian Republic Constitutional Court Cup XIX2016National
14National INKAI Championship 2016 (Kumite Under 21-55 kg Women’s)2016National
15National Law Debate Competition State University of Semarang 20162016National
16Constitutional Drafting Competition Padjajaran Law Fair VIII 20162016National
17English Debate2016National
18Maritime Debate 2016National
19Population Speech2016National
20Indonesian Debate2016National
21Legislative Drafting Sciencesational2016National
22Semworknas 2016 ALSA Indonesia2016National
23Award of ALSA Indonesia 2015-20162016National
24Honda Racing Championship 2014 Semarang Central Java MP3 Class2015National
25Indospeed Racing Series V MP3 Class Sentul Circuit CBR 150 Class2015National
26Essay Economic Week (E-Week) Airlangga University2015National
27“Call For Paper Nasional Seminar 2015”2015National
28National Indonesian Debate Education Educational Tour 20162015National
29Muay-thai Series-5 Championship 2016” (Senior Men’s 67 kg)2015National
30MotorPrix Seri II Series II National Championship Gorontalo MP3 Class2015National
31MotorPrix Series II Series II National Championship PolmanSulbar MP3 Class2015National
32MotorPrix Series II National Championship PolmanSulbar MP4 Class2015National
33Indonesian Inter-University Basketball Championship “Student Basketball League”2015National
34National Indonesian Inter-University Futsal Tournament 2015National
35National MusabaqahTilawatil Qur’an (MTQ) Competition2015National
36National Karate Championship Open Surabaya Mayor XI 20152015National
37National Student Theater Festival (FESTIMASIO) VII 20152015National
38Indonesian Inter-University Ball Volleyball Championships “ANVC 2015”2015National
39Scientific Writing Competition Student “Exist Fair 2015”2015National
40English Debate (NUDC)2015National
41Funded (Incentive) of Rp. 3.000.000, - title on the activity "Student Creativity Program Written Ideas (PKM-GT-KT)2015National
42National Chess Competition “Petra Chess Competition “2015National
43Student Scientific Writing Competition "National Primary Education Performance (PPDN)”2015National
44National Scientific Writing Competition "Exist Fair 2015"2015National
45National Softball Championship “Radjawali Cup 7”2015National
46Karate-Do Gojukai National Championship2015National
47English Debate (NUDC)2015National
48Diponegoro Law Fair 20152015National
49National Anti-Corruption School (SAKTI) Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW)2015National
50Nusantara Jaya Expedition Ministry of Marineity2015National
51Bawakaraeng-Lompobattang Heritage Pragammer Oration Rally, NJT-Foundation2015National
52Indonesian Administrative Debate Faculty of Social Political Sciences Unhas2015National
53Constitutional Drafting Competition MPR RI Moot Court Padjadjaran Law Fair2015National
54Scepta Writing Competition Muhammadiyah Malang University2015National
55Legislative Drafting Competition University of Indonesia Law Faculty Sciencational2015National
56GadjahMada University Corruption-Free Indonesi Writing Competition 2015National
57Mining Enginering Student Parade And Writing Competition (MINESPACE)2015National
58Constitutional Court MootcourtCompetition”GebyarKonstitusi”2015National
59National MusabaqahTilawatil Qur’an (MTQ) Competition2015National
60National Karate Championship Open Surabaya Mayor Cup XI2015National