Student Association For Environmental Activity
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Student Association for Environmental Activity

Student Association for Environmental Activity Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin (CAREFA UNHAS) was de-facto founded on May, 24th 1995. However, the founding members of CAREFA UNHAS have already had their adventures such as climbing several mountains. This was done with the purpose of enjoying their free ime and trying to create a bond of brotherhood and sense of togetherness with fellow law students who have the same hobby.

Other than that activity, there are several members that came from another Association for Environmental Activity from outside of the UNHAS Law Faculty that often times conducts their activities with the founding members of CAREFA UNHAS, such as NICIP Makassar, and several individuals that do not belong to any such organization. From those activities arose the idea to form an organization that will accomodate the interest and talent of students of UNHAS Law Faculty, and then with the help of partners from other organizations, since 1992, this community then slowly develops within the environment of Faculty of Law under the name of CAREFA UNHAS. Although at that time the organization has not been legally acknowledged by Students Family of Faculty of Law Unhas yet.

From several hiking activities, including Java, Bali, and Lombok expedition, the founders which consist of Abd. Jalil Muliadi, Mukhsin Q, Abd. Halik Haeril, and Adnan, then declares the foundings of CAREFA UNHAS with conducting a declaration at the peak of Mountain Rinjani. At that time then CAREFA UNHAS was recognized de jure –wise and is acknowledge as an organization for environmental activities in Faculty of Law Unhas. After returning from Java, Bali, Lombok expedition, the founders then form a committee structure for the organization and the one that emerges as the leader of the moment was Abd. Jali from batch 1992.

CAREFA UNHAS is then declared a legitimate organization that acts directly under the authority of Faculty of Law Universitas Hasanuddin with the issuance of Universitas Hasanuddin’s Rector Decree.


To participate in the attempt to preserve nature as to ensure the survivability of the future generations and to balance out activities in the wild nature as an attempt to develop the mentality and ability of the members. 


  1. To implement and build a sense of love towards the nature and living environment;
  2. To direct and develop preservation attempts and developing living environment structure.;
  3. Compiling and directing members in building awareness among religious community, organization, and society;
  4. Compiling and creating new members as a process of regeneration. 

Goals :

  1. To create a sense of awareness and responsibilities towards nature preservation  and living environment;
  2. Creating a tough, discipline, independent, ethical, sincere and noble, brave and bold, and able to handle obstacles soul;
  3. Having a strong idealism and building a sense of brotherhood.